Financial Assistance after Getting an Implant

  • The applicant goes to one of the transplantation centers and informs them of the damage to the implant or that the impant is lost and requests assistance
  • The applicant’s request is examined, the manager of the cochlear implant center approves the necessity to grant a loan to the applicant and the approval is sent to the company
  • The client goes to the company which supplies the part. The request will be studied and approved and the cost will be estimated based on the regulations of “BAKHSHESH“. The invoice is issued and sent to “BAKHSHESH
  • The final investigation is carried out and the process is approve “BAKHSHESH” provides the facilities and prepares the monthly list. “BAKHSHESH” informs the relevant implant center of the applicants condition being authentic and simultaneously informs the applicant
  • The applicant goes to the relevant cochlear implant center and obtains an introduction letter to present to the agent banks. The applicant goes to the agent bank afterwards and completes his file in accordance with the relevant branch’s regulations.
  • The money is deposited to the account of the company which has issued the invoice and the agent bank informs the company and the applicant. The company informs the applicant and the applicant goes to the company and receives the requested spare part and signs the relevant invoice. The Company Sends the main invoice to “BAKHSHESH” and the copy is presented to the applicant. The applicant pays the instalments.