The Financial Assistance Provided After Cochlear Implantation

Families which have undergone cochlear implant surgery in the past years and now have financial problems providing parts or repairing the “processors” of the cochlear implant can receive a part of the expenses for repairing or replacing the parts from “BAKHSHESH” in case they are identified and insured by the “Cochlear Implant Centers” or “Khayerin Salamat Assembly” of the companies which provide parts (a percentage of the relevant expenses shall be paid by the applicant)

Since the names of these families are confidential and it is necessary to respect their privacy, if an individual wishes to understand whether he or she is supported by “BAKHSHESH” they must first go to the relevant company and find out if they are on the list of people who are supported. In case they are on the list, they can go to the manager of the relevant cochlear implant center and receive the financial assistance dedicated to the services presented after getting the implant (getting parts or repairing them). The manager will explain the rest of the process. (The request form for “assistance after getting an implant” can be found in the 11 centers and they shall be used depending on the case).

Note: if the applicant finds himself/ herself in need of the financial assistance of “BAKHSHESH” in order to obtain a spare part but his/her name is not on the list of the companies and cochlear implant centers, they can contact “BAKHSHESH” for further investigation.