Financial Assistance for Prevention Services

The “National Center of Deafness Genetics” plan was approved in September 2017, based on the national enactment of cochlear implantation of the National Commission. A genetics counselling unit was then established in all the cochlear implant centers of the country through God’s will and power. To that end and based on the compiled program, all people who go to cochlear implant centers go through counselling sessions and are informed on different prevention techniques (preventing the birth of a deaf child) in all stages. These counselling sessions are free of charge. However if the counsellor suggests sonography or genetic tests and etc. the applicant will pay for the expenses.
Since the above-mentioned tests are not covered by basic insurance companies (Salamat, Social Security, Armed Forces), some families will have difficulty paying for them. We have coordinated with Welfare Centers and Offices in relevant provinces and cities in order to resolve this problem so that the expenses of the applicants who are supported by the Welfare Organization could be paid through that . organization presenting a local introduction letter. Also the Welfare Organization or “BAKHSHESH” will pay for the test expenses in some cases where the applicants who are not supported by the organization are unable to afford it.
It is worth mentioning that the expensive complementary tests (if necessary) will be covered by “BAKHSHESH” in case the Welfare Organization does not cover them.
Some stages have been predicted in order to facilitate the plan for “supporting the prevention of the birth of deaf children” and the applicants can take the following steps to use the above-mentioned facilities:
1. The applicant can go to one of the cochlear implant centers of the country and sit through a
genetic counselling session for prevention which is free.
2. An introduction letter will be issued by the implant center as follows in case the genetics counsellor suggests special tests
A- The applicant will be referred to a laboratory party to the contract when supported by the organization or request a case assistance (with the financial assistance of the Welfare Organization)
B- The applicant will pay in case he or she can afford it
C-BAKHSHESH” will pay for the expenses in case the individual is not included in section a or b. This financial assistance will only be provided through filling out the relevant form ton which are kept in implantation centers.
3. If the genetic counsellor comes to the conclusion that complementary tests are necessary, the relevant form will be filled out in cochlear implant centers and sent to “BAKHSHESH”. The response and the type of the financial assistance will be delivered to the applicant and the cochlear implant centers through a short message by 3000151555. Also “BAKHSHESH” will pay for the complementary tests in case the Welfare Organization does not pay and the applicant is unable to afford it.
4. Other subsidiary expenses such as the cost of sonography and sampling will be covered by “BAKHSHESH” if they cannot be paid by the applicant or the Welfare Organization.