Scope of Activities

The focus of the activities and objectives

The Mission

BAKHSHESH” is a non-profit, non-governmental, and nonpolitical complex which uses different benevolent capacities nationwide in order to improve the target groups and eliminate the negative factors affecting them within the framework of the Charter of Patients’ Rights and based on the latest methods and the most recent findings of medicine and the most modern treatment methods used in Surgery and rehabilitation. It also conducts researches and studies on deafness and hearing impairment to discover and examine the causes of these diseases and to treat these abnormalities.

This organization is a responsible one determined to fight for playing a desirable and responsible part in accomplishing the following missions in order to realize the explained aims and outlooks:

  • Support deaf and hard-of-hearing patients and their families financially, spiritually, and in their treatment
  • Help deaf and hard-of-hearing patients get drugs and spare parts for their cochlear implant and help repair them and provide hearing aids for them
  • Create and manage rehabilitation centers dedicated to the deaf and hard-of-hearing
  • Provide medical and laboratory facilities in order to diagnose deafness and hearing impairment quickly and prevent them and treat deaf and hard-of-hearing patients. Moreover, help families with children suffering from genetic deafness have healthy children interms of hearing
  • Hold counseling sessions for families before and after the surgery
  • Establish branches of the organization and provide facilities to diagnose and treat deafness within the boundaries of the law
  • Prepare interactive treatment, educational, health, and specialized plans in order to screen, identify, and support families in need of cochlear implant and follow up the predicted process and prepare empowerment schedules to improve the quality of life of the families it supports
  • Suggest treatment, educational, health, and specialized plans to the relevant authorities, Centers, and organizations for them to pass regulations and bills which support and supervise the cause and to create national and practical support and view for this holy purpose and to observe the rights of deaf and hard-of-hearing patients in line with the scientific purposes of the legal authorities of the nation
  • Make an effort to increase the share of these patients’ budget from the total government budget
  • Organize public groups in order to increase their share in realizing the purposes
  • Support the Social plans which raise public awareness and make a culture regarding patients who need cochlear implants
  • Attract domestic and foreign philanthropic assistance within the framework of the country’s rules and regulations
  • Create an active educational, Social, Cultural, and economic relationship with the patients


  • Revive the great tradition of helping the less fortunate based on the teachings of the holy Ouran and the religious teachings of Islam’s honorable prophet and the immaculate Imams
  • Prepare the desirable conditions which attract public support and cooperation
  • Promote the culture of helping the less fortunate and the culture of Nazr and Waqf and etc. to support the deaf and hard-of-hearing financially, spiritually, and with their treatment

The above-mentioned purposes will be realized through the following methods:

  • Attract the attention of government authorities and different groups to the medical and social and economic treatment needs and problems of this group of patients nationwide
  • Take measures in efficiently utilizing the available credits and facilities in the affairs of deafness diseases
  • Promote the social and scientific awareness of this group of patients and their families on the matter of the quality and quantity of the above-mentioned diseases and make a culture in order to prevent the disease, diagnose it early on, and treat it through notification tools, “. . . advertisements, cultural means, publications, cyber social groups, and etc. through efficiently exploiting the available capacities of the country, especially the media and the national media.
  • Create an ongoing relationship, interaction, and harmony in the activities of the science, support, and guild associations and institutions in the Country and in the world and purposefully use the above-mentioned organizations based on the explained responsibilities and goals and use the major network of good people in the field of health and treatment.
  • Help and cooperate with the rehabilitation, research, treatment, and educational units of medical sciences universities and other research and Science institutes in order to prevent deafness and hearing impairment, diagnose it early on and treat it through establishing research Centers
  • Form an effective and lasting relationship with private and public organizations and institutes in order to encourage them to support this organization financially and spiritually
  • Provide financial, social, treatment, and science facilities and attract governmental help and also domestic and foreign human resources in order to accomplish the organization’s missions.
  • Provide social, treatment, diagnostic, educational, and research Services as much as possible in line with the missions of the organization within the country
  • Examine and present plans which can be executed to the executive organizations of the country in order to improve the social and treatment status of this group of patients
  • Cooperate with culture-making organizations to realize the great traditions of Islam such as Waqf, donation, Zakat, and etc.