Interview with Mr. Saeed Eskandari, Deputy of financial Management and support and information Technology of “BAKHSHESH”

“Genetic Counseling Sectors” have currently been created in 11 cochlear implant centers of the country in order to prevent the birth of deaf children.

He said “BAKHSHESH” is active in three fields namely “cochlear –implant financial assistance”, “postimplantation” and spare parts financial assistance”, and “prevention financial aid”.

The deputy of “Bakhshesh” added: from the time it was created up to the end of the year 1396 (2017), “BAKHSHESH” has provided financial aid to 375 patients in the right time so that the cochlear implantation surgery of these dear patients will not be delayed.

He added: the “postimplantation” financial assistance” of “BAKHSHESH” was also given to 1180 children during that same period of time in order for these beloved patients to replace or repair the damaged parts and Prostheses on time.

Eskandari also pointed out the importance of the priorities of “BAKHSHESH” and said: one of the Key objectives of “BAKHSHESH” during 1397 (2018) and other years has been the issue of prevention.

He stated that almost one hundred people went through counseling in 1397(2018).