The second Annual Ordinary General Assembly meeting of “BAKHSHESH” was held in Khordad, 1397 (June, 2018) in the office of this Bonyad and the Assembly Orders were examined and discussed.

The legal inspector and auditor’s report was read out in this meeting and on that basis, the financial situation of Shefaa Charity Foundation for Hearing Rehabilitation, “BAKHSHESH” on March, 20,2018 the financial performance, and the cash flow of the year ending on the above –mentioned date satisfactory assessed with regard to all important aspects and in accordance with auditing standards.

Other legal responsibilities and auditing relations also mentioned in this report:

Subject to article 33, the instructions on anti-money laundering for auditors, observing the contents of the above-mentioned law and the relevant instructions and by law in the framework of checklists served by the relevant authorities and auditing standards were assessed by this institute. Moreover, this auditing institute did not come across important matters which indicated violation of the above – mentioned regulations.

The balance sheet and 1397(2018) budget plan were approved by the assembly afterwards and members of the board of Directors of “BAKHSHESH” shall remain in their pasts for 2 years.