.Farhadi, s (chief of the Trusteeship Council of "BAKHSHESH") interview in the Fifth International Congress on cochlear implant in the Holy city of Mashhad

The chief of the trusteeship council of Bonyad-e “BAKHSHESH” interview:

The annual candidates for implantation in the country are 1000 to 1500 deaf individuals.

The chief of trusteeship council of Bonyad-e “BAKHSHESH” announced that 1000 to 1500 deaf individuals have declared themselves as candidates for cochlear implantation in the country.

Regarding the Fifth International Hearing Congress, Dr. Farhdi stated: many families in need of cochlear implants are unable to afford the relative expenses. He mentioned the available information on deafness in the country and added: the spread of this silent disability has led to a number of specialists coming together and establishing, Shefaa Charity Foundation for Hearing Rehabilitation “BAKHSHESH”.